New Casino Bonuses

New Casino Bonuses is a characteristic of online casinos. You won’t find such a feature at land-based gambling venues. Bonuses make a casino tempting, distinctive, and just interesting. There are various types of promotions: sign-up bonus, free play bonus, mobile bonus, and bonuses related to the casino theme or some upcoming event.

All the promotions come with wagering requirements. Some of them are cool, others suck. It depends on the casino’s policy. Moreover, some smart-ass casinos are doing their best to stuff the information about the bonus terms into the deepest corner of the website. And in the end, you may find yourself fooled. To avoid such disappointments, we’re here. Our experienced team always thoroughly examines websites and dig out crap that is hidden in T&C’s and other sections. Sometimes we admire how good we are.

The other thing worth attention is the bonus type: it can be either sticky or normal. By sticky we mean that you’ll find yourself covered in some disgusting slime after meeting the wagering requirements. (Actually not at all, we’re just kidding. We’ll get down to that later.)

Wagering Requirements - General Information

Before we start talking about bonuses, it’s worth mentioning what wagering requirements are. So, almost all bonuses should be rolled over in order to transfer them to the real balance, thus making them withdrawable. There are two types of wagers: xB (players should wager only the bonus balance) and xB+D (bonus + real balance).

The term “wagering requirements” means the amount you need to bet in order to make the bonus balance cashable. For example, if a casino wants you to roll over the bonus (let’s say €100) 50 times, it means that you should keep wagering the promotion till you reach €5,000 worth of bets (100*50=5,000). And if the casino states that the wagering requirements are 50xB+D, that means that the amount of €10,000 ((€100 deposit + €100 bonus)*50 = 10,000) should be rolled over to fulfill the conditions.  

Wagering Requirements - What’s Good, What’s bad

As you have already noticed, the xB wagering requirements are much better (twice better) than xB+D. Actually, the roll-over conditions are evaluated in one more way - the number of times that they should be wagered. For example, 40xB or 20xB+D is cool, and 50xB or 30xB+D is standard these days. There are online casinos that want you to wager the bonus 65 or even 100 times, and some venues apply different wagering conditions which depend on the person’s geographical location. Usually, they have some subparagraphs hidden deep in the T&C. So, it’s another reason to read our reviews which will always keep you informed.

Sign-Up Bonus

Some new casino sites offer free sign-up bonuses. Usually, those offers come with huge wagering requirements or are capped at a certain win. This kind of offer is not among the best casino bonuses, but it allows you to “test-drive” the casino and see what’s going on there without actually depositing anything. Overall, it’s worth a shot.

Welcome Bonus

Most of the online gambling venues greet players with a welcome offer. Sometimes, you need to enter some promo codes to claim the bonus; sometimes, you get the promotion automatically. Another less common feature is free spins which come as an addition to the new player offer.

So, how do welcome bonuses in new casinos vary? First of all, there are match bonuses up to a certain amount. Oftentimes, you’ll find a 100% match up to €100 or €200. Actually, it must be one of the best casino offers. In other cases, online gambling venues might offer a match bonus which is around 50% (which is not really impressive, since you need to deposit a lot to get the full amount of the bonus) or a match bonus to a huge amount (in this case, you have to wager a lot).

Other Promotions

Other promotions relate to some upcoming events such as Easter, New Year, etc. or the casino’s theme. Usually, there are 2-3 additional promotions.

Bonus Type

A casino offers either a sticky welcome bonus or a normal one. The latter is easy to understand - you meet the wagering requirements and are eligible to withdraw the bonus and winnings. Speaking about the sticky new player offer, it’s the bonus which can disconcert players. The main point of this kind of promotion is that you can withdraw only the winnings gained from the bonus, but not the promotional balance. The latter is simply deducted from you total balance when you meet the wagering requirements. Usually, casinos hide the information on whether the offer is sticky in T&C’s or other sections. That’s why it’s better to read our reviews since we do all the dirty work of finding that out instead of you. You’re welcome.


There are many conditions which should be considered before deciding whether the bonus is good or not. Doing it on your own is not a good idea since you waste your time and enthusiasm on delving into Bonus Terms. Reading our review takes minutes, looking for the needed information on the casino’s website takes dozens of minutes. It’s obvious what’s better. So, you’re welcome to take a look at the latest casino bonuses on our site.